Are you tired of
wearing masks during your
online meetings?

Try our Smart 5G Digital COVID Filter and impress your colleagues with a variety of forgotten facial expressions!

all COVID variants

The Smart 5G Digital COVID Filter™ prevents the digital spread of all Covid variants, including Deltacron and even unreleased versions like the Covid-23.

Uses your
existing router

If you already have a 5G router, you’re just one software update away from salvation, no additional purchase is required!

NFT Certificate

Every Smart 5G Digital COVID Filter™ comes with an individually minted NFT certificate to prove that you are 100% protected. You can display this certificate on all major social media platforms, add it to your favorite cold storage hardware wallet, or even invest through a marketplace of your choice.

Mobile app
coming soon!

Use your phone to block Digital COVID particles on the go! You’ll need a couple of powerful powerbanks, a 4G/5G/LTE compatible smartphone, and our app – and you’ll have a mobile “safety bubble” wherever you go! Our app takes advantage of your phone's built-in transmitter to cancel 99.9% of Digital COVID waves.

Warning: do no use the app near sea mammals!

How it works?

Our routers combine multiple technologies to combat the digital Covid.

Firewall filter

Even before Covid reaches you through the voice call signal, MikroTik RouterOS v7.10 will include a new firewall filter parameter that can stop quite a few of the Digital COVID particles in your traffic. Enable it with /ip firewall filter add covid-remover=yes

Active Audio Filter

We use the beeper of your router to trigger a state-of-the-art sound deconstruction algorithm. It’s similar to Active Noise Control (ANC) technology, but instead of generating anti-sound waves to cancel the noise, we generate anti-digital-covid waves to cancel the Digital COVID particles. All that is required is getting used to the 2000Hz Digital COVID REDUCTION™ noise in the room.


The famous MikroTik blue LED has been proven to be effective against the Digital COVID rays, as long as there is a clear line of sight, therefore with a simple upgrade, all your routers will boost the blue LED light output by 250%, to completely eradicate all Covid in the vicinity. In our tests it covered 1858 m² (20000 square feet) easily.

5G electromagnetic radiation

If you own a 5G router like the MikroTik Chateau, you can enable the Digital COVID frequency jammer in RouterOS. This mode will use the 5G transmitters to recombine the Digital COVID particles in realtime to render them harmless. If you have equipped yourself with one of the 5G tracking chips, the resonation effect between your MikroTik 5G device and the 5G tracking chip will create a hall effect, basically working like a force field against the Digital COVID virus.


Can this filter stop the harmful 5G effects too?
There is no proof that 5G itself could cause any negative effects, as opposed to Digital COVID. 5G is classified as non-ionising radioation which is proven to be completely safe.
What should I do with all my spare Covid masks then?
That’s a good question. One thing is certain – you won’t have to wear them during the online meetings!
Can we use multiple routers with The Smart 5G Digital COVID Filter™ for extra protection?
If you’re using pre-5G devices with the Sound and Light technology, it is advised to use at least one device for every three online meeting participants. If you’re using a newer device with the 5G Covid frequency jammer (like the MikroTik Chateau 5G), a single device is enough.


Siegfried Notvictor
Network Bad Ass
Before The Smart 5G Digital COVID Filter™ every meeting was pure hell. Nobody would pay attention to what I’m saying. They still don’t, but at least now I know it’s not because of the muffled sound behind the mask. Now I can smile ironically, hoping my colleagues would get the message. Being able to use facial expressions during online meetings – that has been my only desire since the pandemic started!
Siegfried Notvictor
Network Bad Ass
Druvisnot Spitzfur
Router Babysitter
I was spending half of my income on masks alone, as my schedule is full of remote meetings, and you're supposed to swap masks between different environments. I even sold my car to keep the masks coming. The Smart 5G Digital COVID Filter™ saved my budget and my family! Now I only have to figure out a way to sell all my extra masks...
Druvisnot Spitzfur
Router Babysitter